when one teaches, two learn

5th May 2020;2

Everyday at 11pm, daily reflection before bedtime.

Here I will share about my projects, what I am into and one song.

Second day! Working from home today was productive, I enjoyed the flexibility I’m allowed to have. This time has me turning more inward, my natural instinct isto be busy, and i get caught up in my head. I don’t have a lot that matters, naturally i am busy with myself or my job.

When one teaches, two learn.

Other than working on upcoming CoffeeOn Session, I am also playing around with the idea of hosting sharing sessions with a local publication to reach further. Also started community group on FB about brewing coffee, let’s see if this will snowball into something fruitful. To be honest, I am nervous about creating a community/ movement, always easier to take the passenger seat. But the thought of the more you learn, the more you want to know weighs more than my fear. haha


BA’s best chocolate chip

Rested cookies tastes better because there’s more flavour development, so i knew i had to prep it in advanced for this weekend. (Just kidding, i made and ate some as we speak)

In every aspect, there is so much to learn when you are willing to dive in. Cookie making for example, sounds innocent and magical, but its more science to it than meets the eyes.

check out this video — The Chemistry of Cookies

One Song:

Silver — Wham Bam Shang-A-Lang

The rhythm is so beautiful. This is what i called the “No more bad days after discovering this song” kinda song.

Thank you for taking the time to read!


See you tomorrow.

Carmen Cheang

Currently doing: #CoffeeON talk show. May we all grow with purpose and in constant wonderment. Coffee Trainer, Sales Manager, Pretend Host and a Learner.