Bars and Bartenders have the superpower in creating a safe place for us to escape.

In Japanese bar culture, you are greeted with heavy doors the intention is the exact opposite of trying to intimidating you, they believed that once you are inside, the bar is now your world, all your troubles are left at the door. You can escape here.

The night life was full of fun and excitement, our unconventional office is “bar-back” with bottles of spirits, amaro, liqueurs etc. It’s a library of traditions that has endless opportunities for new ideas. We would gather around the bar pre-shift to discuss bottles, challenge each other to make a better interpretation of a classic recipe.

What I am working on:

5th May 2020;2

4th May 2020; 01

  1. Society’s made up idea of rational thinking and “smart” decision is flawed or in my words, BS.

Carmen Cheang

Currently doing: #CoffeeON talk show. May we all grow with purpose and in constant wonderment. Coffee Trainer, Sales Manager, Pretend Host and a Learner.

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